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Muguiris is the name of our kennel, the surname of all the puppies bred by us, a sign of identity, each one of our puppies born at home, is unique to us, with its well-defined personality and character.

Muguiris Muguiris is a tribute to two of our pets, is the fusion of the names Mugui + Iris.
Mugui means movement. Iris represents the colours, so the union of these names means "Movement of colors" or "Colors in Motion", which is representing the two races that we select, the sweet dancing when they walk like if they can fly, like a breeze, is their elegant walking, in the dog-shows with its long coat and all its beauty or running happily in the garden.

Our dogs are members of our little family Muguiris and they live free at home, they make happy our life with them.

Our cotons are small cotton treasures and our havanese are our little jewels of silk. Centuries ago have a Coton de Tulear or Havanese, was a mark of distinction and exclusivity, we want to continue this hard work, every owner with a
Muguiris dog, is in love with the breed and proud of its little friend.

Selective breeding of Coton de Tulear and Havanese since 2002. We fell in love with its sweet character, intelligence, obedience, tenderness, with its funny charisma in a so small body, always giving joy.

Our goal is to breed sweet, beautiful and healthy Cotons and Havaneses!!

Muguiris 100% Passion, 100% love.

In Muguiris are specialists in white, cream, gold and red havaneses.


Our MUGUIRIS puppies have the next guarantees:  
We use healthy dogs for breeding, the health examination includes eyes, heart and patella luxation.
Our puppies go to their new homes between 9-11 weeks old and one Muguiris puppy has:
* dossier with parent´s pedigree, breed information and Muguiris tricks.
* All necessary deworming and vaccinations ( for export show-dogs, we use a special deworming )
* FCI Pedigree ( Loe ).
* Microchip.
* Rabia vaccination.
* Export pedigree.
* Passport.
* Veterinary certificate of Health guarantee ( eyes, heart, patella luxation, perfect teeth and both testicles descendes
( boys ) )
* Wonderful socialization, with soft voices and with lovely people touching. We offer new challenges to explore the world, with sounds like radio,television, phone... to their character will be fantastic, not shy or nervous puppies. Our puppies live with people and other animals. Our best goal is the love and playing a lot with them.
* Our philosophy is breeding healthy puppies, with charming temperament and beautiful dogs.

We only work with ROYAL SPANISH DOG CLUB ( RSCE Official Spanish club) ( LOE - PEDIGREE ) We don´t work with other no official dog clubs.



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